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raymondpetrik photographer a videomaker  

"Hello, I'm Raymond Petrik, a creative artist with a passion for photography and video clip and advertising creation. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience and skills in the fields of photography, image processing, and video clip production. I bring my clients exceptional visual experiences and showcase their world through the lens.

I have a diverse portfolio of various types of photography, including portraits, fashion, product photography, 35mm film photography, Super 8 video. Combining my passion for music and creativity, I started creating music videos for different artists and performers. Currently, I also offer services in photography and advertising creation for various brands and companies.

I always strive to deliver innovative and creative solutions that help my clients present themselves in the best light. With my creative approach, ability to understand clients' needs, and dedication to quality, I have earned the trust and recognition of many satisfied clients. If you are looking for a creative photographer and video clip creator who brings unique visual experiences, I am here for you."

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